Insignia Solutions today announced that Haier has signed a definitive agreement with Insignia to enable Haier phones with Insignia's mobile device management software.

This agreement will enable Haier phones to accept over-the-air firmware updates to repair software issues or add new functions and services to mobile subscribers. Haier is the third Chinese phone manufacturer announced by Insignia as a licensee. Earlier announced licensees were SOUTEC and CECT (Huizhou Caliliee Tele Communications Co., Ltd). Accord Customer Care Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accord Customer Care Solutions Limited (ACCS), will provide the Insignia Secure System Provisioning (SSP) On Demand to Haier as a hosted service.

Insignia Secure System Provisioning is a server software infrastructure product that provides a complete mobile device management system for mobile operators and phone manufacturers. SSP reduces bottom line software recall costs by enabling over-the-air repair and inventory management and increases top line revenues by providing Dynamic Capabilities to enable a wide range of new mobile services to existing devices. SSP On Demand is a hosted version of the technology that enables phone manufacturers to broadcast firmware updates across multiple operators using patent-pending technology.


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