Jointly invested by the Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group, Shanghai Jingwen Investment and Sony, China's first blue-ray disc production line has been put into production in Shanghai.

The Shanghai blue-ray disc plant is located in the Songjiang Industrial Zone. With advanced blue-ray disc manufacturing equipment, the plant has an estimated monthly production capacity of 500,000 blue-ray discs.

Wu Xiao, general manager of the blue-ray disc plant, says that the disc industry has been under the supervision of China's General Administration of Press and Publication. In the past few years, China was not allowed to import blue-ray discs. Although the contents of Chinese film and entertainment industries were richer, the public was not able to enjoy the high-definition experiences brought by the new blue-ray technology, because there was not a blue-ray disc production line in China. But now, the launch of this production line in Shanghai represents for the completion of China's blue-ray industry chain.

A blue-ray disc has a storage capacity of up to 50 gigabytes, 10 times of that of an ordinary DVD. Blue-ray discs are fully compatible with high-definition displays in television and 7.1-channel sound surround. The name blue-ray comes from the 405-nanometer blue-violet lasers that are used to read and write data.


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