Juniper Networks, Inc. today announced that China's Yuanshen Broadcasting Network, located in the northern city of Harbin, will transform its network with E- and M-series routing platforms.

The broadcaster will use the Juniper Networks platforms to leverage its existing fiber network for delivering new revenue-generating broadband access services to residential customers and enterprises. Yuanshen Broadcasting is using the M-series to create a backbone network and the E-series to build an aggregation and access network at the edge. When the project is completed, the broadcaster will be able to not only provide broadband access services to customers, but will have greater control and flexibility in how it charges for the services. For example, Yuanshen Broadcasting will be able to charge for services based on traffic amount and time of day, as well as offering special rates for popular value-added services such as online gaming.

Yuanshen Broadcasting will also be able to offer more sophisticated, MPLS-based services tailored to enterprise customers, such as MPLS VPN, which will bring the emerging carrier additional revenue.


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