An independent supervision organization, the State Tele-communications Management Commission, is planned to supervise the country's telecommunications fee system, industry sources say.

"But the commission is unlikely to be unveiled immediately given the complexity of the country's telecom industry," said Chen Jinqiao, director of the China Academy of Telecommunications Research under the Ministry of Information Industry, according to Thursday's China Daily.

"It may take one to two years for the forming of the commission. Nevertheless, it is no wonder that reform of the country's telecom industry is now focusing more on supervision," Chen said.

The telecom industry is in need of effective and efficient supervision as the sector is currently exposed to fierce competition and rampant price wars. As a result, a special working panel has been established to work on a new standard for telecommunications fees, says Chen. The panel is being jointly established by the Ministry of Information Industry, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the State Development Reform Commission.


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