Beijing Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) Software Systems Company Co., the China unit of the U.S. software developer Oracle Corporation, recently appointed Ted Liu general director for Oracle Linux Division Greater China region, in a bid to further boost the development of Linux business in the area.

Ted Liu was once general manager of Turbolinux's Taiwan subsidiary, and then promoted to vice president for sales in Asia-Pacific region. During his tenure, he promoted the adoption of Linux operating system in Asia, especially in China. Turbolinux established industrial alliance with world's leading IT manufacturers in the period as well, such as Dell, HP, and Oracle.

In 2003, Oracle China established partnership with Beijing Red Flag Software, a Linux manufacturer in China. In the same year, it set up a second R & D center in China, which was designed to provide supporting services for Chinese Linux users. Beijing Red Flag Software and Japan-based Miracle Linux jointly developed the first Linux operating environment Asianux for Asian companies. Oracle is the first corporate software manufacturer that certificated all products on Asianux.


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