Marconi Corporation plc (Nasdaq:MRCIY) today announced the introduction into China of its ViPr Virtual Presence System, a high-resolution video telephony and multimedia communications platform.

Marconi's communications platform to China includes the addition of a Chinese language option to ViPr's intuitive graphical user interface. With a software upgrade, all of ViPr's touch-screen options, calling screens and contact lists are now available in Chinese.

ViPr, which now supports IPv6, transports DVD-quality voice and video over high-speed encrypted networks to guarantee security. ViPr utilizes imaging technologies such as MPEG-2 video, progressive scan HD video and active image processing for improved picture quality. ViPr also integrates voice, video, and data with a Voice over IP (VoIP) architecture based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, a transport layer that is suitable for integrated voice and data applications.

The ViPr terminal's touch-screen interface allows simultaneous viewing of live video feeds while in a conference, and is capable of interworking with PC's for data collaboration. The ViPr allows each user to access and change their own call handling settings via touch screen, and they can access their messages by using the phone keypad to dial their telephone voice mailboxes.


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