Nokia (NOK) China says that it is talking with China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and plans to test mobile phone television technology DVB-H next year and put it into commercial use by 2008.

Nokia says its television mobile phone will provide 40 high definition program channels and it is expected to come out on the Chinese market at the end of this year.

Nokia's television mobile phone will be priced at about CNY6000.

DVB-H stands for Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld. DVB-H is a technical specification for bringing broadcast services to handheld receivers and was formally adopted as ETSI standard EN 302 304 in November 2004. The major competitor of this technology is DMB.

DVB-H is the latest development within the set of DVB transmission standards. DVB-H technology adapts the successful DVB-T system for digital terrestrial television to the specific requirements of handheld, battery-powered receivers. DVB-H can offer a downstream channel at high data rates which can be used standalone or as an enhancement of mobile telecoms networks which many typical handheld terminals are able to access anyway.


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