Microsoft has appealed at China State Administration of Copyright, accusing three Chinese enterprises–Beijing Zhong Xin Lian, Tianjin Tianbao Disk and Tianjin Minzu Culture Disk–of infringing its copyright.

It would appear that Microsoft has quietly altered its anti-pirate strategy, which used to simply consist of quietly dealing with enterprises and individuals who use pirated products. However, the case is not believed to be an easy one as the defendants are thought to be a part of a large international pirated organization.

All of the defendants had previously purchased expensive machines and built factories to make pirated products that even bear the special logo that Microsoft has designed to prevent counterfeiting. The case is now under investigation, but a Chinese official stated that the Chinese government is most likely to stand by Microsoft as long as the accusation is proved to be true.


  1. Please advise the outcome of this case.
    We are research students from the University of Technology Sydney. Currently we are studying the Interlectual Property Rights in China. This test case is very important to our assignment.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Geroge Chung


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