In September, Octiga began preparing to raise a lawsuit against Beijing Oracle Software System Company over a number of business disputes.

At the same time, a second company, DAWN BIZ, is complaining that Oracle did not honor its contract after the company had paid CNY2.98 million for relevant projects, but instead Oracle terminated its sub-sale qualification in May 2003 without giving formal notice. In addition, ISV, another partner of Oracle, was abandoned after it disclosed the problems in Oracles' channel to the media.

There appear to be many other, similar, cases, all of which involve partners who are dissatisfied with Oracle. Since Oracle is unwilling to solve any problems with them through negotiations, it appears that they have had to resort to legal measures to find a solution.

The local media are beginning to claim that the company must be experiencing some difficulties, leading to these problems. The resignation of Oracles' managing director, Zhang Shuheng, is currently being reported as the ¡®root cause' for the company's problems.


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