A 43-year-old man was found guilty of engaging in Internet auction fraud and sentenced to four months' imprisonment at Kowloon City Magistracy in Hong Kong Wednesday.

This is Hong Kong's first case of Internet auction fraud where the defendant was sentenced to imprisonment. Another defendant of a fraud case was convicted but only fined earlier this month, according to a Police report.

Officers of the Technology Crime Division of the Commercial Crime Bureau mounted an operation against Internet auction fraud in May. Upon analysis on the information gathered in the operation, the 43-year-old man was found to have raised the ticket prices of a concert by posing as another auctioneer to place the bid.

The man was subsequently arrested on May 28 in a residential unit in Wong Tai Sin.


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  2. For China's Internet it is still "buyer beware". It's really your fault for doing e-commerce with a website that doesn't seem legit.

    Why you would send money via a bank transfer is beyond me.

    Hopefully in the future you've learned your lesson and will only purchase goods from reliable sources.

  3. Hello from Montreal,
    I read the article by cooincidence, I was so relaxed when I found out that Liang Wand got punished for his monkey business, I wished if they would keep him for more than 4 months. I lost the money which I'm realy in need, I don't know if there is a way to get it back ?
    Best Regards

  4. Hello from Montreal,
    I was so comfortable for the court decision by putting Ling
    Wang in jail for four month, I'm conviced now that Justice
    exists in China, but I am still waiting to get my money back,
    I haven't heared anything yet from the bank or from the court,
    Do I consider that no more hope to get my money back ?
    Please answer me.
    Best regards


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