Shanda Interactive Entertainment (Nasdaq: SNDA), the online game operator, and NEXON Corporation, announced today the recording of 700,000 peak concurrent users of BNB, making the popular online game the world's largest in terms of peak concurrent users.

In addition, Shanda announced today that Maplestory, the Company's upcoming casual game, has won "The Most Anticipated Game of 2004" at the Second Annual Meeting of Online Games in China. Developed by Korean-based WIZET, Maplestory is the first 2D side-scrolling online game in the world.

BNB, developed by NEXON Corporation, is a casual online game targeted at the home user base. Its design enables two players to enjoy the game on a single computer at the same time, working on the principle that a family can form a team to play against other families. Since Shanda started commercial service of BNB in August 2003, BNB has continued to grow rapidly in terms of popularity among a wide range of user demographics, becoming the largest online game in China in terms of peak concurrent users.


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