President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Lu Yongxiang announced yesterday that his academy and the Academy of Sciences of Russia (ASR) planned to build high-technology parks both in Northeast China and Russia's Novosibirsk.

Representatives from the CAS Changchun Academy and the ASR Siberia Academy signed a memorandum on seven cooperative projects Thursday morning at the CAS headquarters. Cooperation in science and technology is an important part of the strategic partnership between China and Russia, Lu said. While carrying out the new form of science and technology cooperation in building the hi-tech parks, Lu acknowledged, the two sides need to select appropriate research projects on the principle of equality and reciprocity.

CAS institutes in northeast China are particularly interested in developing a partnership with their counterparts in Novosibirsk. N. L. Dobretsov, vice ASR president who also heads the ASR Siberia Academy, said the hi-tech parks will epitomize increased cooperation between the Russian and Chinese science communities. He said he hopes to create a better partnership between the two sides.


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