ZTE Corporation has become the largest CDMA system provider to the Vietnam market after it won the second phase of a CDMA 20001X network construction project.

The project will cover 13 provinces, including the most densely populated areas and highly developed zones such as the city of Ho Chi Minh and the Mekong Delta territory. ZTE started its cooperation with VPT (Vietnam Power Telecom) last year when it completed the first phase of a CDMA2001X network covering the city of Ho Chi Minh and Dong Ha Province.

ZTE's CDMA system ranges from 2G, to 2.5G and 3G and supports multiple bands of 450M, 800M, 1.9G and 2.1G offering customized, differentiated and integrated solutions for users. In addition, ZTE has rolled out new products including an all-IP platform 3G CDMA system, a CDMA-based GoTa next generation group communications system, an encryption communications system, a GSM1X system, a positioning system and other new services.

In the last six months ZTE has won several major international CDMA contracts, including projects in India, Indonesia, Russia, Egypt, and Mongolia.


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