Forlink Software Corporation (OTCBB:FRLK) has announced the development and implementation of an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution–"For-Online Electronic Trading System"–for Shanghai Steel Exchange Center.

According to China Iron and Steel Association (CISA), China's steel production and consumption have been increasing rapidly, accounting for approximately 236 million tons of steel products in 2003. Meanwhile, China's consumption of steel has reached 250 million tons, surpassing the combined sum of those in the United States and Japan.

Shanghai Steel Exchange Center is designed to facilitate and support heavy online trading of steel products. It was established in April with the approval of the Shanghai municipal government. To ensure the system's reliability and reduce IT spending, Forlink developed a proprietary, integrated ASP solution to support the Exchange's operations, including online trading, online billing and payment, data warehousing, user authentication, customer care, etc.

In the first stage, Forlink will host and manage the solution for four years with a contracted amount of approximately US$1 million.


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