The China Auto Suppliers Group (CASG) is reporting that it has developed a low-cost, high-tech telematics system for the automotive industry.

The Windows CE based device combines GPS, cell-phone and email wireless communications, Bluetooth, remote monitoring, and entertainment. According to CASG, the system merges GSM and GPS technologies to provide voice and information services, together with geographic location related services and functions.

Among the operational features claimed are:

Location Tracing–the device periodically sends location data so that a central dispatch function can track the vehicle's position.

Dispatch Control–the system can send log-in and log-out information whenever the vehicle engine is started or turned off. The user can communicate with dispatch control through the LCD touchscreen.

Burglar Alarm–the system can be connected to the vehicle's burglar alarm. If the alarm is activated, alarm data and vehicle location are sent to dispatch control, which can then initiate countermeasures such as remote engine shutdown or remote door locking.

Mobile Phone and Fax–a hands-free speaker and microphone can be added, as can a fax interface.

Accident Notification–the system can be interfaced to the air bag system such that air bag deployment causes a message with the vehicle's location and status to be sent to a central dispatch. Alternatively, the system can dial 911.

Wireless Internet Access–the GSM/GPRS module offers access to the Internet as well as the option of sending and receiving email.


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