Hong Kong's Citybus and New World First Bus jointly announced on November 17, 2008 that the first bus with free Wi-Fi services has been put into operation and ten buses of 11 routes will be installed with Wi-Fi equipment within two weeks.

Elaine Chan, deputy head of corporate communications of Citybus and NWFB, says that the Wi-Fi services is a value-added service for local residents, aiming to provide convenient Internet surfing for passengers and to promote the development of Wi-Fi in Hong Kong. The first batch of ten Wi-Fi buses will be put into use in two weeks for a three-month trial. After gauging the reaction of passengers to the new service, the company will decide whether or not to extend the service to more buses.

Chan says the Wi-Fi services will first be available on buses of 11 routes, which are mainly long-distant routes. The first Wi-Fi bus launched on November 17 is currently serving Route 112. The company started to prepare for the Wi-Fi services one year ago and the services have been tested from various aspects to ensure their stability. In addition, the company has done a lot regarding the network security. Apart from the technology against hacking, the services will filter pornographic and gambling websites so that wayward passengers can concentrate on other matters while surfing.

Jointly owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited and NWS Holdings Limited, Citybus and NWFB say the new bus mobile Internet services will improve the quality of life for the public.


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