Telecom Communications announced today that its Hong Kong operation has been awarded a 2-year contract from Valuerise Group, to serve the multimedia advertising network in China.

Under the agreement, TCOM will provide the SEO4Mobile Advertiser Max Bid platform to Valuerise Group. Advertisers who use this service will be given access to SEO4Mobile's 10 million users and 300 service providers through search engine optimizers. The contract states that TCOM will generate monthly fixed fees and earn revenues on a per-search basis. Mobile phone users currently exceed 260 million in China.

The contract is valued at approximately $2.4 million and Telecom projects to receive a SEO4Mobile license and subscriber database fee at a fixed revenue of $100,000 per month over a 24-month period, plus a percentage share of the revenue earned by Valuerise Group and its partners.

The SEO4Mobile Advertiser Max Bid platform (AdMaxB) has been developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses to add advertising content for SEO4Mobile users without impacting their design or operation. Valuerise Group's partners may login at an intranet site to upload advertising links to Valuerise Group's website. Users of SEO4Mobile AdMaxB will share a percentage of the revenue earned by the Valuerise Group when their users perform searches for an ad and are sent to that SEO4Mobile.


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