ZTE Corporation, a global supplier of advanced telecommunications infrastructure, has worked with China Unicom to successfully develop the world's first 2 Megabyte (2MB) CDMA Short Message Service Centre (SMSC).

In a joint effort with Jiangsu Unicom, a provincial branch of China Unicom, ZTE has developed a 2MB signaling link to increase the traffic flow carried by a single signaling link, thus ensuring the exploitation of Jiangsu Unicom's CDMA Short Message Service, and reducing its networking complexity and running cost.

To operate the new link, ZTE has developed special functional software to achieve a smooth upgrade and allow mixed-use of 64KB and 2MB signaling links in a single SMSC. ZTE's CDMA Short Message System also provides a multi-GT function to solve the problem of uneven signaling load for the multi-module networking of 2MB SS7 signaling processing system and guarantee the system's reliable operation.

ZTE began research into the 2MB high-speed signaling link in 2001, and had put it into a wide range of applications in GSM networks for China Mobile and China Unicom by 2003. At the beginning of 2003, considering the potential demand for the 2MB signaling link to be used in CDMA SMSC, ZTE started to cooperate with Jiangsu Unicom and Beijing Unicom in carrying out a series of related tests and trials.


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