Smartpay Jieyin ("Smartpay") today announced the extension of its payment system to cover Anhui Unicom.

The most significant application of the system will be the function that allows Anhui Unicom subscribers to pay their phone bills (or top-up their pre-paid accounts) by sending an SMS message.

Smartpay, which launched mobile payment services for Shanghai Unicom subscribers in July, now operates China's first multi-province mobile payment system. Subscribers in Shanghai and Anhui can refill their mobile phone accounts and purchase pre-paid mobile "top-up" cards, long distance VOIP minutes, ISP access, online gaming time and other products and pay for them electronically using Smartpay.

ICBC, the largest bank in Anhui, is already fully integrated into the system, and other banks will be added in the next month. Customers can register for the service through ICBC's convenient phone banking system (dial 95588). Customers can also access the service through Smartpay's website.


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