The top management of the three largest Chinese telecom operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom will be interchanged, starting today. The shuffling is expected to help reform China's telecommunications industry and also stop corrupt business practices from forming.

Starting today, Mr. Wang Jianzhou, ex-president and CEO of China Unicom will work as general manager of China Mobile. Mr. Wang Xiaochu, who used to work as deputy managing director of China Mobile, will be transferred to work as managing director of China Telecom Group. Meanwhile China Telecom Group's deputy managing director Mr. Chang Xiaobin will take the position of president and secretary general of the Communist Party in the same company. Mr. Shang Bin, vice president of China Unicom will be promoted to work as CEO of the Group.

Many former general managers of China Mobile and China Telecom will retire on November 1.


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