China Mobile (CHL) Beijing branch has signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Beijing Jiaotong University to jointly train talents and implement campus information construction.

Aiming at training students with strong practical abilities and high social adaptability, the university hopes to realize a complement of their advantages and set up a long-term partnership to jointly promote the talents training and the campus information construction.

In addition, the two sides will establish a "tri-base" with the support of the China Mobile's business site near the Beijing Jiaotong University. To offer more opportunities for the students, the tri-base will be a base for study assistance, volunteer service and social practice.

At the same time, the two parts reach agreements in campus mobile communications services and information construction. China Mobile says that the company will help Beijing Jiaotong University to improve the construction of its information system, including the constructions of an SMS platform and mobile phone email box platform. The company will offer high-quality mobile information services to the university and raise its working efficiency and service level.


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