Eleven Chinese DVD manufacturers including Weijia, Zhongkai, and Qiaojiaren held an emergency meeting in Beijing and have asked the national government to put a stop to a new type of illegal DVD. These DVD compressed disks have been slicing into the legal audio and video market in China and have caused dramatic sales drops of normal DVDs.

The new multi-function DVD is marked with DVE-9, DVD-ROM, or PC-DVD and can hold up to eight films and can be played on DVD players and computers. With both its low price of 20CNY and large capacity, it has quickly spread around China and has usurped legally-made DVDs as the disk of choice for pirate DVD creators.

In order to protect the copyright and patents of legal DVDs, the Chinese Ministry of Culture has asked its affiliates at various levels to coordinate with government bodies including departments of industry and commerce, public security bureaus and the press to have a thorough check of the computer and electronic products markets.


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