According to a Chinese online game player surnamed Bai, Kingsoft froze his two game characters, four gold coins, one silver coin and other properties in the game called "Jian Xia Qing Yuan".

Although Kingsoft later allowed Bai to continue playing with his two game characters, the company refused to give him back other properties. Bai is now suing the game-maker Kingsoft for damages.

Mr. Bai lodged a lawsuit against Kingsoft on October 29 in Beijing, and he has submitted evidence to the court and publicly stated that he would not allow the case to be settled out of court unless Kingsoft makes a public apology and pays him 91CNY (about US$11) in compensation.

Local media have reported that Kingsoft has received the court's notice of the pending case. Considering that an open hearing might disclose some proprietary game code, the company plans to ask for a non-public hearing. The case will be heard on November 22.


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