Vyyo (VYYO) and China Mobile have signed a deal to implement Vyyo's solution for cellular and Wi-Fi backhaul in eight cities in the Jiangsu province.

China Mobile is deploying Vyyo's V3000 dual bus solution. This platform provides wireless E1 and IP links that connect cellular and Wi-Fi base stations to their base station controller. This application is especially useful in a dense cellular environment in a major city or in places where wired infrastructure is non existent or expensive to deploy.

"Our system stability, superior product performance and true end-to-end solution remain key differentiators for Vyyo. This is best evidenced by our serving five of the largest telecommunications operators in China — China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and China Railcom throughout more than 12 provinces totaling more than a quarter billion people," stated Michael Corwin, president and chief operating officer of Vyyo.

"This project includes installing Vyyo's V3000 solution across eight cities in the Jiangsu province, which includes Su Zhou, Wu Xi, Chang Zhou, Zhen Jiang, Yang Zhou, Nan Tong, Tai An, and Huan An," continued Corwin. "Our priority is to continue to build upon our successful deployment experience in China through our proven relationship with Datang Mobile and other established system integrators."

"These new deployments by China Mobile across the Jiangsu province expand an already impressive list of successful implementations of the Vyyo solution throughout China," stated Mr. Sun Yuwang, general manager of Shanghai Datang Mobile Communications Equipment. "We remain focused on identifying new opportunities to grow Vyyo's footprint with China Mobile and other leading operators."

Situated north of Shanghai on China's southeast coast, the densely populated Jiangsu province covers 100,000 square kilometers with a population of over 70 million.


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