China Expert Technology (CXTI.OB) says that its e-government project in Jinjiang city has been selected by the Ministry of Information Industry as one of the four model locations for information and electronic administration training in the nation. The award was based upon the success of CXTI's initial phase of training of over 500 Jinjiang city officials using its electronic administration-training program, which was completed on November 5th, 2004.

At a November 5th mobilization meeting for all city officials, Mayor Mr. Yang Yimin gave an overview of the training required of municipal division leaders and their role in the e-government education program. Mr. Gong Qinggai, the CPC standing committee member of Quanzhou City and Party Secretary of Jinjiang City, gave a speech encouraging all municipal leaders to build on the successfully completed training of over 500 staff members, by their continued learning, applying and promoting the use of e-government.

Kung Sze Chau, chief executive officer of China Expert Technology, said: "We are very proud to be named as one of four national models for large scale, high level e-administration training. This prestigious designation by the Ministry of Information Industry validates our expertise in serving the high growth e-government market in China. Our goal is to use the Jinjiang City project as a model for obtaining projects in other municipalities."


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