Radvision's (RVSN) videoconferencing infrastructure is going to link all of the courtrooms and select police stations into a single video network for the Supreme People's Procuratorate of Shandong Province.

This network is of particular significance due to the expansive reach of the Supreme People's Procuratorate which oversees a total population of over 90 million with 200 unique sites spanning a province of 156,000 square kilometers.

Even more significant is the powerful role that video plays in the procuratorate's daily operations. A procuratorate in China acts much like a Court elsewhere and is a department directly managed by central government. However the Procuratorate also oversees the police department and their activities and is brought in at the initial stages of an investigation. While the police can take people into custody, they cannot be formally arrested until the procuratorate reviews the evidence and authorizes the police to formally make the arrest. In this process, where each case must submit to a formal hearing before a suspect can be formally charged, the Radvision-powered video network plays an ongoing and integral role in the justice system's process.

"We feel this is a significant win for Radvision both because of the size of the video network but also the level of regular use of our videoconferencing platform, day in and day out," said Eitan Livne, General Manager for Radvision's AsiaPacific operations.


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