Kingsoft is in the midst of a product re-organization, partly in hopes of preparing itself for a public offering late next year.

As a traditional software manufacturer in China, it has recently launched new services that the company hopes will give investors an alternative to the currently listed Chinese tech stocks. Products include a "All-In-One Card" through which users are expected to pay online for all of Kingsoft's products, including the upcoming "Feng Shen Bang Online" game and Kingsoft Anti-virus Power suite.

These new offerings are a shift from the role of a software manufacturer to an Internet service provider, for which Kingsoft believes will make the company more investor-friendly.

Unnanmed sources in Chinese media disclosed that the company is brewing to be listed in the US next year, but this will be based on the performance of "Feng Shen Bang Online", which will officially launch tomorrow, December 16.


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