According to Zheng Li, vice general manager of NEC Electronics China, because of the strong demand for chips in automobile manufacturing and energy-saving devices, the annual sales of the company are expected to increase at least 10% in the 2008 and 2009 fiscal years.

Zheng says that the company intends to enhance its businesses in China. It plans to enlarge its development department by about one-third before the end of 2010, which means 400 employees will be working in the department by then. NEC Electronics China has set up branches in Changchun and Chengdu, respectively, and the company plans to open another branch in the coastal areas.

As one of the four major bases of NEC Electronics worldwide, NEC Electronics China focuses on micro controllers; digital audio and visual semiconductor products; power management; and compound semiconductor products and actively provides customers with world leading semiconductors and their solutions. Products of NEC Electronics can be broadly used in varied fields such as automotive and digital audio and video, industrial automation, high-end computers, broadband networks, mobile phones, computer peripherals and consumer products.


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