's (GOOG) Chinese website and rival have each released their top Chinese-language keywords for 2004.

Google's top ten words (some translated from the original Chinese), leading from the top, are: Dao Lang, Zhou Jielun, "Xiao Bin Chuan Qi" (Legend of A Soldier), Olympic Games, Lin Xinru, Qilixiang, Mingcheng Emperess, Graduation Thesis, Liu Xiang and NBA.

Baidu's top ten words are MP3, Baobaotang (a type of game), Dao Lang, QQ, BT, Mouse Like Rice, Guo Jingjing, House of Flying Daggers, Chinese Style Divorce and Xiao Bin Chuan Qi.

The very different results for the search engines may show that different types of users are attracted to the respective sites. Usually English-language search engines like Yahoo and MSN might have more similarities among their search results.


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