Lucent Technologies (LU) and Wuxi Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, have deployed Lucent's MiLife SurePay Solutions suite, a Bell Labs-developed prepaid system, to support Wuxi's growing Personal HandyPhone System (PHS) business.

This marks the first commercial deployment of Lucent's SurePay suite with a PHS operator in China.

The SurePay suite is a pre-paid/post-paid billing solution that provides support for a wide variety of voice, data, content charging and e-commerce services. For instance, with SurePay, Wuxi Telecom will be able to charge for voice calls, short message services and other data content such as downloads of ring tones and wireless Internet access. Lucent has optimized the solution to better meet the unique demands of Wuxi Telecom's PHS business.

"This deployment further extends our cooperation with Chinese operators in the PHS market," said Louis Tong, executive vice president, Lucent Technologies China. "Lucent is a leading developer of prepaid solutions, and we're pleased to work with Wuxi Telecom to further enhance their PHS service offerings using SurePay. By deploying SurePay, Wuxi Telecom is able to meet the needs of its subscribers today while enjoying the flexibility to evolve its prepaid offerings in the future to serve additional customers or offer new features."

The SurePay suite offers the flexibility to support a broad range of payment plans, giving Wuxi Telecom the freedom to develop service packages and promotions targeted to particular customer segments, helping maximize its return on investment. The SurePay suite has been commercially deployed in more than 20 networks worldwide, serving more than 50 million end-users.

Lucent offers a complete portfolio of PHS solutions that covers networking equipment, terminals and value-added systems. Backed by Bell Labs innovation and the strong local support capability, Lucent's PHS solutions and terminals have been widely deployed, serving over 6 million subscribers in more than ten provinces, including Fujian, Gansu, Jiangsu, Hubei, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong, and Liaoning.


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