CHL Technologies has signed an agreement with Motorola (MOT) for Motorola to embed CHL's Mobile Book Software Technology (MBST) and fully illustrated books into all Motorola A780 cell phone handsets and MPx series Pocket PCs sold in China.

Also as part of the agreement, E Mobile will modify its MBST software to optimize its function for Motorola products.

Motorola is the largest manufacturer of KJava cell phones sold in China. Cell phones including KJava account for the vast majority of cell phones in service in China today.

Motorola's inclusion of MBST into their handsets will emphasize the powerful functions of these Motorola products. Cell phone users are able to read entire books through their cell phones. Moreover, cooperation with some of the largest publishers allows for rapid and sustained development of this most innovative cell phone/e-book market with an ever expanding list of titles.


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