CHL Technologies has signed a three year agreement with Hong Kong publisher WenWei to convert the latter's book library to digital format and make the content available to users to download and read through their cell phones.

CHL will be incorporating E Mobile's Mobile Book Software Technology (MBST) to allow for mobile reading of the books.

WenWei is a division of newspaper publisher WenWei Hong Kong, a source for published news in Hong Kong, Asia and North America. WenWei primarily focuses on economic, political and social issues affecting Hong Kong and mainland China.

CHL President Dr. Nan Hu stated, "We are very pleased to ally ourselves with such a respected mainstream news media publisher in Hong Kong. The addition of WenWei to our expanding list of publishers not only supports our effort to improve the value of our offerings to the Chinese public, but signals an international market readiness for our service. We are looking forward to expanding our business to other parts of Asia."


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