Intel (INTC) has submitted a petition to Shenzhen Secondary People's Court, accusing Shenzhen Dongjin Communications Technology Stock Company, a computer telephone integration core component developer in China, of intellectual property violations.

According to local media, Intel accuses Dongjin of using an "Intel Head File" in its DN series voice cards and assisting users to obtain or deliberately violate the protocols of this file. Intel is seeking CNY65.78 Million as compensation from Dongjin.

Dongjin's lawyer, Jiang Hongyi, has told local media that Intel has an "impure motive" in lodging the lawsuit and it should be viewed as one of Intel's market strategies to monopolize the Chinese market by virtue of intellectual property protection.

Dongjin's relevant products and materials have been closed and confiscated by the court according to the evidence provided by Intel. The case will be processed on March 23, 2005.


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