A website located at http://www.qqb.cc/Q.htm is phishing for users' data as it claims to offer six-digit QQ Tencent (0700.HK) numbers free of charge.

QQ is the instant messaging system developed and maintained by Tencent in China. This fake website at qqb.cc bears a strong resemblance to that of Tencent's website. The website urges people to click for a free QQ number on its front page. It says so long as a user sends the url of the website to 15 people, the QQ number they see on the website will be automatically activated for them.

But some users in China have tested it, and they have found the number doesn't work.

Tencent has told local media that it has not held any promotion providing free QQ numbers to Chinese Internet users, and Tencent says it reserves the right to take legal action if this causes loss to the company. Meanwhile, Tencent reminds users that the only official website of Tencent is www.qq.com.


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