Fang Tingyu, a professor from Beijing CTM University and member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPC), has brought consumers' complaints about the PHS Little Smart telephone system to a national audience.

Fang's complaints are to be aired during this week's CPPC meetings held in Beijing.

According to Fang, Little Smart has lower radiation and is generally healthier for mobile phone users, but the Little Smart promotions are misleading consumers into thinking that Little Smart offers better performance than phones on GSM or CDMA networks.

Fang tells Xinhua that Little Smart's signals are unstable, often causing telephone conversations to be cut short. Because of the poor clarity, Fang says the CNY25 monthly rental fee for a Little Smart phone is unreasonably high because PHS network operators cannot provide good quality calling service.

Fang's solution is to have Little Smart operators refund the CNY25 to users when there are network problems.

The CPPC is an annual gathering of provincial and national government leaders. During the sessions, attendees have the opportunity to voice support or displeasure over isuues facing Chinese citizens.


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