MediaRing and Asia Netcom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Netcom (CN), have deployed MediaRing VoizBridge session controllers throughout Asia Netcom's extensive VoIP network.

"MediaRing has proven to be an invaluable partner throughout the deployment of our VoIP service platform. MediaRing VoizBridge provides the most flexible solution with regards to deployment and scalability, and has enabled interoperability in a seamless and efficient manner, allowing us to deploy the networks faster and with optimum performance," said Bill Barney, Asia Netcom's president and chief operating officer.

Last year, Asia Netcom announced the build-out of their VoIP service platform over its pan-Asia based privately-owned MPLS network. The MediaRing VoizBridge session controller solution provides Asia Netcom with necessary high-performance session controller functions such as network address translation (NAT) enabling seamless traffic exchange between private and public IP domains, topology hiding, and protocol inter-working.

The company says the unique distributed signaling and media component architecture of MediaRing VoizBridge enables Asia Netcom to have a centralized signal inter-working cluster whereas the media inter-working components are installed at their respective regional hubs.


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