SS8 Networks has opened a new software research and development center in Nanjing to address the growing trend to converged networks of TDM and Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP).

The "Center of Excellence" is designed to contribute to China's continued economic growth and further establish SS8 Networks' leadership position in global markets.

Dr. Richard Hsueh has been named Chief Executive Officer of the wholly owned entity, SS8 Networks (Nanjing) Co, Ltd. An experienced software and telecommunications industry veteran, Dr. Hsueh is leading the company's expansion of ongoing development efforts by building up and adding a world-class software development team in Nanjing.

"Nanjing is among the top cities in China with the highest density of universities and research institutes, and SS8 Networks will leverage this rich talent pool to expand our existing research and development efforts and establish a 'Center of Excellence' in the Asian marketplace," said Richard Hsueh, CEO of SS8 Networks (Nanjing) Co, Ltd.


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