Tom Online (TOMO) has launched "Star Catcher", an astrological service delivered to the mobile device of its users in China.

All China Mobile users will be given a star of their own along with a certificate when they subscribe to the wireless Internet service by sending a text message "S" to 3883281. They will also receive their star's information which is exclusively provided by the National Astronomical Observatories (NAO), Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Jay Chou, one of China's famous names in music, will play the role of Tom Online's resident astrologer and answer users' questions by text messaging. In addition to that, once a month, subscribers can nominate and vote for the person whom they think is the most representative of the star sign of that month.

Wang Yi, Deputy Director of the NAO, said: "We are more than delighted to have this opportunity to work with a leading mobile Internet company such as Tom Online in promoting the public's interest in astronomy and stargazing. I hope this new service will move our younger generation one step closer to discovering the fun of exploring the universe."

This service comes just a few months after a (SINA) wireless fortune-telling service was closed by government authorities for "spreading superstition". Though this astrology service from Tom Online appears to have the backing of institutions like the NAO, it is still too soon to tell if this service will also come under the same level of scrutiny that hindered Sina.


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