A Beijing company's website has been turned into a pornographic Internet destination after the company forgot to pay for its domain name renewal. The company, Beijing Qizhong Communications Equipment Manufacturer Company, says it may sue its website host in China.

Zhen Jianzhong, general manager of Qizhong, told local media that his company is determined to claim CNY1 million from Allchinacom.com, which has been providing website services to Qizhong since 2002. He says the case has not been processed by a court yet, but he will petition the court if negotations between the two companies collapse.

Allchinacom.com's Beijing branch admits that it was negligent, but the company thinks the compensation is too high.

Offers by Allchinacom.com to re-purchase Qizhong's old domain name at a high price have been turned down by Qizhong.


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