Global unsolicited commercial email clearinghouse Spamhaus has confirmed that they removed (SINA) from their blocklists yesterday. Sina's outgoing email had originally been blocked two weeks ago after Spamhaus had tried unsuccessfully for three years to have Sina deal with users' spam abuse complaints.

Spamhaus' blocklists are used by more than 260 million email users worldwide, and because Spamhaus had added to their blocklists 2 weeks ago, no Sina email was accessible to a large part of the world's Internet population.

Sources close to the negotiations say that Sina's CEO Wang Yan personally sent messages to Spamhaus to confirm that his web company would do a better job at curbing its users poor email habits. The Internet Society of China was also instrumental in helping Spamhaus deal with Sina in China.

Spamhaus says that they will be closely monitoring Sina's compliance with the new system and will place Sina back on the lists if the web company fails to deal with future claims of abuse.


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