The official website for Air China has opened its online check-in service in Hong Kong.

From 18:00 one day before departure time until three hours before departure time, passengers purchasing e-tickets can log on to the official website of Air China at to select their favorite seats and print boarding passes on plain A4 paper.

The A4 boarding pass paper ticket in Air China's online check-in service contains the two-dimensional bar code approved by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection of the International Air Transport Association. With the A4 boarding pass, passengers may directly go to the waiting lobby after completing identification confirmation procedure at the boarding counter in the Hong Kong airport. This service is applicable to international flights departing from Hong Kong, as well as international and domestic flights departing from more than 37 domestic airports. No counter confirmation is needed in this service.

The Self-CKI system in Beijing Capital International Airport also supports online printing of boarding passes. Passengers may select seats on the website and print boarding passes in the airport. The 24-hour staff check-in service for Air China's sales hotline, which is available seven days a week, is now cancelled.

The online check-in service for Air China e-tickets not only eases the pressures of passengers at airport boarding counters, but also offers more convenience and efficient check-in service for passengers.


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