Chinese government policy making organizations and media certification agencies, along with China's leading technology and broadband companies, have come together this week to celebrate the world-premiere and formation of a China Media-on-Demand (MOD) Coalition to create a new media on-demand platform encompassing software, hardware, content, encryption, encoding, content certification, distribution network, payment system and business protocols for the delivery of rich media content, worldwide.

The IDV Global Media-On-Demand (GMOD) platform supported by the coalition was a top-secret project until premiered at the China MOD Coalition press conference yesterday in Beijing. This is a scalable, end-to-end system that will supply next generation games, sports events, movies, TV shows and other interactive entertainment direct to private residences or hotel rooms worldwide, with the same interface, in High Definition (HD) quality video.

IDV GMOD's advanced global media on-demand (MOD) platform is a true end-to-end solution that includes a second generation PC with a 3D "platform-on-platform" architecture developed by IDV, a California-based company — the first system to receive certification from China as the standard for second generation PCs. Content will be delivered to consumers by digital feeds from global sources, including a next generation Internet based on the IPv6 technology. Partners will do revenue sharing.

IDV GMOD subscribers will be able to access entertainment and educational programs from around the world and play the most advanced video games from any publisher. U.S. citizens will be able to tune in Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" monologues from wherever there is broadband access; basketball fans in China or anywhere in the world will be able to pull up a Yao Ming game they missed or want to see again; foreign nationals will be able to watch programming anywhere in their native language.

"IDV GMOD also provides China media publishers and distributors a direct platform on which to export rich media content. Today popular China movies such as Kung-Fu, Hero and House of Flying Daggers can only be accessed long after release in China. Now for the first time in history China media publishers can securely distribute their rich-media content to the worldwide market, direct from the publisher/distributor to the end-consumer. This will be a major achievement never available to China media companies until GMOD," said Dr. Fan Yeqiang, deputy director, China Institute of Policy Studies (CIPS), a government think-tank that studies and forms policies for China.

Companies and government organizations attending the China Media-on-Demand (MOD) Coalition event, held at the People's Hall in Tiananmen Square, because of the interest and importance of the discussion, included China Netcom (CN), Sina (SINA), Ministry of Information Industry (MII), and the China Institute for Policy Studies (CIPS).


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