China Cable and Communication's (CCCI.OB) part-owned company Beijing Jin Zhi Cheng ShangMao Limited and Zhong Dian Tong (Beijing) Digital TV Development Company have signed an agreement to allow CCCI to reach an additional 1.1 million cable TV subscribers, crossing over 4 Chinese provinces, with special Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Under this agreement, CCCI will use these provinces as a pilot launch and will replicate its services to their own provinces over the coming three years. Subscribers will be able to connect to the broadband Internet via a Cable TV (HFC) backbone network. Subscribers can also receive IP TV and IP Telephony (VoIP) through the broadband internet network. The broadband Internet network will operate through the cable TV (HFC) backbone.

China Cable Communication's joint venture agreement will be valid for one year. After the one year market development trial period, both parties involved will have the option of executing a 30 year joint venture agreement. If the parties choose not to enter into an expanded business contract, the current agreement will continue to be valid in the cities that have entered into a three-way joint venture agreement.



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