With support from AMD and Sun Microsystems, 35.com, one of the largest domain name registrars and enterprise email providers in China, has launched a 64-bit anti-spam email software and service.

Compared with a 32-bit system, the new 35.com software has improved speed and stability when processing email. Its filtering capabailities are also better enhanced than older 35.com software, allowing for fewer lost emails and better parsing of unsolicited bulk email.

At the signing ceremony in Beijing this week for the new software, representatives from Sun, AMD, the Internet Society of China and the global anti-spam organization Spamhaus answered questions from the packed room of reporters. All participants agreed that China's spam problem is increasing and it takes faster software to deal with the problem.

According to statistics from Spamhaus, China is currently the second highest global source for spam.

The 35.com software is available as both a stand-alone client-side computer software or as a web-based email software running on a web server.


  1. Yeah..it works so great that now my emails to customers hosted by Chinese ISPs, who are using 35 anti-spam, are blocked. I tried to contact the email provider but so far, no luck. Now our company can not contact any vendor in China who is using 35 spam


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