US-based Gatlin Education Services has been awarded an exclusive contract by Chinese National Publications Import Export Corporation (CNPIEC) to aggregate all the major online course providers to supply the Chinese educational system with the world's premier online learning products beginning Summer 2005.

CNPIEC is making the programs available to its partners in higher education, the government, and to foreign corporations that have a presence in Chinese markets. Due to the Chinese government's stated initiative to become fluent in English before the 2008 Olympics, courses will be offered in English and some will be offered in both Chinese and English.

Providing education on the web since 1994, Gatlin Education Services (GES) is the largest provider in the United States of asynchronous web-based, instructor-supported training to colleges and universities. GES open-enrollment programs are designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions for many in-demand occupations as well as maintain those professional standards.


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