NetCert has signed a partnership agreement with Bank of China to allow NetCert to provide additional online payment services to the bank's customers.

At the same time, Bank of China is able to monitor all the monetary transactions through their Treasure Island Mall. The certification and authentication by Bank of China considerably boosts the confidence level for both consumers and merchants.

"This is the first partnership of this kind between banks and e-commerce," said Mr. Andy Wang, founder and Chairman of NetCert, "This agreement signifies a profound and in-depth partnership between Bank of China and NetCert. It paves the way for Treasure Island Mall to become the online shopping platform for people in China as well as gives us a global/worldwide presence. The added services will increase revenues and exposure to Treasure Island Mall and to NetCert," states Mr. Wang.

"Our growth outlook is extremely positive as our relationships develop. The China market is growing so quickly which positions NetCert as a pioneer in the e-commerce market. We are extremely excited about our partnership with the Bank of China," states Andy Wang, Founder and Chairmen of NetCert.


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