Hitachi Maxell will establish a Chengdu subsidiary of its wholly owned group company Maxell Shanghai.

Maxell has regarded the China market as important to its business strategy and, in addition to the production and consumption center of Beijing, has to date expanded its sales base to the eastern coastal regions including Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Hitach Maxell is involved in recording media, such as computer tape and DVD, which is indispensable for storing ever-larger quantities of data, and, to advance the world of mobility, has been developing energy sources in the form of dry batteries, micro batteries and lithium ion rechargeable batteries. The core technologies honed in these business areas of magnetic tape, optical media and batteries form the cornerstone of Maxell's brand strength throughout the world.

The company aims to expand its China business considerably by establishing an inland base where development has been progressing and future development is anticipated, and by building a sales structure covering all of China.

Masaru Kamemoto will be the company representative in Chengdu.


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