Newegg has expanded the company's operations in Asia, opening a new Global Product Management Center and Asia Headquarters offices in Taipei and adding several floors of commercial office space for its mainland China operations in Shanghai and in Chengdu.

The company's primary objective for the new Global Product Management Center in Taiwan, business expansion in Shanghai, and China's fast developing Global Support Center was to set up direct buying relationships with the leading global manufacturers.

"We were seeing that a larger percentage of our name brand computer, consumer electronics and communications products offered at our online store were manufactured in Asia," explains Simon Hsieh, CEO of Newegg. "We felt it was mission critical to be at the heart of today's technology epicenter, closer to our manufacturing partners, so that we could increase the efficiency of our purchasing and product management operations."

"An Asia based product management operation will also give Newegg early access to the latest tech products for the do-it-yourselfer, PC enthusiast, gamer and small business IT buyer and will provide the company with cost reductions it can pass on to our customers," Hsieh said. "By being close to our partners, we can have early knowledge of manufacturer product roadmaps, give them feedback on their products from our three million plus registered consumers and work together on co-marketing programs that launch as soon as we receive product in our U.S. warehouses."

Located in the Neihu District, the major technology center in Taipei, Newegg's New Asia Headquarters and Global Product Management Center occupies more than 6,000 sq. meters and holds Executive Offices for Newegg as well as Corporate Planning, Product Strategy and Product Management departments.

Newegg's new Shanghai offices, occupying another 6,000 sq. meters — an entire floor in the 5A Huaming Empire Plaza, 726 West Yan'an Rd. and another three floors of the Longfeng building at 1566 West Yan'an Rd., both in the Changning Business District, houses Newegg's Global Support Center which includes Corporate Planning, Product Marketing, Benchmarking facilities, Marketing Research, Customer Support, Human Resources, IT and MIS departments.

"We now have major operations in two of Asia's important business hubs, giving us the base to expand into other geographic markets," Hsieh said.

A Chengdu branch houses a large Customer Support operation, allowing Newegg to handle customer service 24/7 and keep its informative website up to date with the latest products.


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