Entegris (ENTG) is opening a new regional service center in Chin-Yu, Taiwan. The facility is the first such operation in Taiwan, and will begin business today in submicron cleaning, logistics and product repair to support semiconductor, data storage and flat panel display customers.

The company invested nearly US$3 million in capital improvements in the leased facility this spring, will employ up to 30 employees to start up, and will be the only such facility of its kind in Taiwan. The Chin-Yu service center is just a few miles north of Entegris' administrative and sales office in Hsinchu.

The facility features the most advanced technology in submicron cleaning, RFID tracking and metrology equipment to clean and certify semiconductor wafer carriers and shipping products–doing so with ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum drying and high throughput capabilities. The 22,000-square foot facility recreates actual fab environments, and features clean rooms ranging from Class 10,000 down to Class 1 certified clean environments.

Entegris' combination of facilities, equipment and process knowledge provides wafer-ready products directly from its service center to customers, enabling them to focus on chip making activities and use more of their fab space for production work.


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