Tut Systems' (TUTS)

Astria platform will provide digital video encoding and decoding solutions as a key part of Beijing Telecom's video transport service for China Central Television (CCTV).

Tut Systems worked closely with China-based distributor Beijing WeiFan Communication Equipment to create an end-to-end video distribution network connecting 10 provinces to the central facilities of CCTV.

The digital video transport network includes encoding/decoding platforms from Tut Systems, audio/video routers, and optical fiber transport networks.

In each of the 10 provinces, Tut Systems' Astria platform will digitally encode and deliver video over China Telecom's fiber optic network to centralized Astria decoders that will reside in the CCTV studios in Beijing. CCTV will use this content for its national news coverage that is distributed to both TV viewers and Internet users throughout China.


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